He said: “IT’S A FREAKIN’ HILTON!” Uh huh….

Angry Paris Hilton memeHello my readers. My week has been a crazy adventure. I got a new job 4 weeks ago as a Marketing Assistant for this really positive and uplifting company. Found out in a couple weeks we have a big three day event we are doing in Long Beach, CA at the Hilton Hotel. YAY! Right? Well, first my car started to over heat two days before leaving, then next day wouldn’t even turn over.My reservations were from Nov 2nd till the 7th. It was going to be a lot of work and I couldn’t wait for it. If I believe in something I don’t mind working for it. By the time Friday came (one day before being done) I had completely worn myself out to the point of getting sick and had a major skin infection going on. I was in so much pain from not being used to a lot of physical work (I type a lot…ok?) and it was exciting cause not only was I doing the event thing for the first time I was also meeting my co-workers and boss that same week. We’ve all been working remotely. It was nice to finally put a face to the voice/name and all that.

Then hotel issues started happening and you KNOW it’s bad enough to come home from long work days and have something go wrong, but I am NOT HOME I am staying at a FREAKIN’ HILTON! I should be semi-pampered feeling right? No I got charges put on my card that I didn’t do, an elevator almost ate my arm and I was locked out of my rooms twice. Thank the gods for the Valet Maria and my bad ass co-lady warriors. Or I would have REALLY gone off on someone. Luckily I remembered my name is CareBear and I hug people not punch them in the throat RAAAAAWR! So read on.

I’m writing this email to the manager in my bed when I finally get home thank the gods also for Bethany and her husband for picking me up. I was in a feverish haze off and on for a couple days. Gnarly infection yo!  Yes I am getting better, thanks for asking. LOL 🙂

From: Carrie Lewis
Sent: Monday, November 09, 2015 2:42 PM
To: Anita Withers; Elaine Gamer; Greg Keebler; Veronica Sanchez; sales HiltonLB
FACT: Yes I went searching for every and all emails I could find…I was gonna get an answer. I had tried at first to do it over phone but they couldn’t do that right either.
Subject: Looking for Greg K the “manager”? Help would be appreciated thanks.

Hello I sent the email below last Friday and I have YET to hear back from ANYONE. I’ve been waiting for a manager to call me back from room service about some charges that were made fraudulently. Can someone please let me know if anyone is looking into this for me, thanks.

Carrie Lewis
“Nothing will work, unless you do!” ~ Maya Angelou

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Carrie Lewis
Date: Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 11:17 PM
Subject: Help? Room service charges??  Fwd: Large Withdrawal
To: gregk

I was in the group running Event and I work with my company. Since Monday, November 2nd till I left this evening (November 6th) I have had one issue after another with the hotel.

First my original reservation was for room 517. When you guys had to switch generators the double doors in front of the room locked up, not even the GM key worked. Was locked out for 30 minutes. Engineering had to get me in. Then the incessant noise from whatever was happening during the day didn’t allow me to sleep AT ALL! Very uncomfortable.

Then I got moved to room 1521. Today I wanted to get food in room because I was sick, gave the lady in the lobby my card to use for ordering ONCE ONLY! Thought everything was fine. I checked and I have two mysterious charges first for $50 right around the time when I gave her my card then $17 (for the burger) then I left for home around 5 pm. How did I get charged for $65.59 at 9pm when I wasn’t in the hotel or area. I only authorized them to use it ONCE for the burger I bought?

I am not happy with my experience at the hotel, these two charges need explanation at least. Also some advice…give the maids and door men raises…they do their jobs well and deserve it! But perhaps others should take classes in listening. Also don’t give people keys to their room if the reservation isn’t setup right. Get the info needed the first time. I got locked out of my room for a reservation not having a payment method. This should NOT have been an issue that I should have ever had to deal with if the reservation was set up correctly the first time. And please fix the elevators!!!!! I almost got my arm taken off and then the buttons at least one of them in the lobby don’t work correctly. The doors open & shut too fast. I’m not a complainer usually but too much is too much. Hopefully this won’t happen to someone else.

Thank you. I hope to hear from someone soon. 🙂

Carrie Lewis
“Nothing will work, unless you do!” ~ Maya Angelou

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Union Bank”
Date: Nov 6, 2015 9:58 PM
Subject: Large Withdrawal

Email Security Zone
Name: Carrie Lewis
Account Ending in: xxxx

Large Withdrawal

This is to inform you that a withdrawal transaction greater than the amount you specified is pending on your account.

Account Number: XXXXXXXXXXX
Transaction Date: 11/06/2015 9:46 PM
Amount: $65.59

So the above is email #2 from me. And I actually got a reply within minutes of sending! Thanks Greg!

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 3:03 PM,
Ofelia Cuevas  wrote:

Hi Ms. Lewis,

Your email has been forwarded to me for assistance. First of all, I’m very sorry for the issues you encountered during your stay. I’ll be sure to look into those charges for you right away, in order to get started please confirm the type of credit card, the last four digits, and the date that you are showing the charges on.

Thank you!

Ofelia Cuevas | Finance Coordinator
t: +1 562 983 3418 I f: +1 562 432 1137
701 West OCEAN Boulevard I  Long Beach, CA 90831


Ms. Lewis,

I did not see your late night email until this morning and the Restaurant Manager, Bill Hennigan, is researching all the transaction tickets at this time.   I apologize for the delay, but Bill will be in contact with you shortly.   I was out of town this weekend and did not have access to email over my days off, so my apologies, but we will sort this out and get back to you!

Thank you,

Greg Keebler  
General Manager
t: +1 562-983-3401  I  f: +1 562-983-3475  I  m: +1 619-829-4855
701 West Ocean Boulevard I  Long Beach, CA 90831

From: Carrie Lewis
Sent: Monday, November 09, 2015 4:10 PM
To: Anita Withers; Elaine Gamer; Greg Keebler; Veronica Sanchez; sales HiltonLB
Subject: Looking for Greg K the “manager”? Help would be appreciated thanks.

Good evening Ofelia, I went ahead and made a PDF file for you, let me know if you need something else and I can do it. The PDF should have most of the info you need. Thank you, and I hope we can get this resolved and those poor elevators get looked at….seriously. Plus Maria in Valet and the maids on floor 5 & 15 are awesome & kicks serious but they all helped me out a lot when I was there.

I seriously have never had such a weird un-comfy time at a hotel like this. And it’s a HILTON!!! 🙂 I am sure ya get me. Was surprising to say the least. Again thank you.

Carrie Lewis
“Nothing will work, unless you do!” ~ Maya Angelou

Here is what I had sent them basically. Heh…you ask….I deliver.

Financial Summary of Carrie Lewis
Account Type: Ready to Go Checking #XXXXXXXXX
Last 8 digits of Union Bank MasterCard Debit #’s: XXXX


And hopefully I will get the money back. Ugh…what a interesting week. 🙂 And more interesting stuff to come. YAY!

Thanks for the memories Virgin Mobile!

Had a rad day today, decided to leave a lil note for my ex cell service provider.  Bubye Virgin…it’s been uhhhhhh “interesting” to say the least. I thought I might post it online for people, maybe someone will laugh and that would be the icing on my cake. 😛

Read on people….

mobile-sorry-if-bad-grammar_o_937722Hello there, I just got off the phone with Virgin Mobile’s billing department. When I tried to use my phone just a moment ago I couldn’t. So like every other customer I did the normal thing and ran down to 711 to buy a damn Top Up Card hours before service is cut off. Yay for last minute shitty decisions..right? Last night I was so excited during my “ritual of pay the mofo’n gawddamn cell phone bill” ceremony. In case you didn’t know it’s a great old family secret gypsy ritual. My batshit crazy grandmother taught me it, good stuff! So yes I topped up last night via Top Up Card. When I got home I remember going through the process online to pay my bill just after upgrading my plan. The website REALLY never said that I was going to be charged a stinkin’ $10 upgrade fee! You guys seriously might wanna look into that? Soon after I received a a confirmation that my phone service would be back on. And yes I was a happy girl; smiling as I hugged my pillow tightly before sleep time, sending love to my peeps at Virgin Mobile. YAY!

Ooooh I forgot this may be a tiny little tidbit factoid that you may find more interesting? I already had a few extra dollars on my account from a previous move to the Data Done Right type of plan from the old one. Why do I have to go add even MORE money when I was never notified of the charge initially? Seriously someone needs to check it out. If you look at my purchase history you will see I topped up at 6:43pm for $40 and then at 6:44pm the upgrade fee was added to my account. Here are links to the PDF’s I saved from he websites purchase history section. Yes you know I can be a little anal sometimes…believe me I do know ho mlw you like it ;-P

Virgin Mobile Top Up & Upgrade Fee PDF files. (Just cause I am bad ass like that!)

This is really upsetting that a company I had been screaming about on the rooftops could do this to me? I’ve never ever had an issue with you guys, I thought we had something pretty good or at least hot going on? Am I alone with this feeling? I’m feeling so cold suddenly! I feel like you guys are not being upfront with me somehow. REALLY? Being charged to upgrade? Didn’t we have a secret safety word when it got too rough/good between us? HAH! I remember it now…it was “FREE WILLY!” ;-P

virginmobile-memeLike I told you I seriously I have never had this problem before with upgrading/downgrading my cell plan with you? I just don’t feel comfy anymore when hanging around you. What is up with these sudden fee’s/rules popping up? Wow, REALLY? Ya’ll waited a whole freakin’ minute to straight money grub my ass! You gave it to me hard up the arse with no lube last night. So not cool guys (girls) not cool! Next time think about getting yourself a lil “extra slick/strawberry” lube. From my experience it can be really yummy! So hey Virgin I got a small “tip” for ya! You are a terrible liar and I should’ve known you would hurt me sooner than later and would never be able to keep your word! I guess all the years using your service…had made me blind and dumb. So when you said: “Oh babygirl I’ll just use the tip.” I cringed deep in my soooooul!” Hey, Virgin next time tell the person who is dumb enough to hang with you….that you want to touch their butt with your naughty part! Prewarn?

Seriously, I thought you knew I hate surprises! Especially giving me “just the tip” surprise buttsex…well that part sucked. Then you oh so cutely/manly into my ear that you forgot the to bring ANY lube! The whole experience creeped me the hell out..so badly that I could have almost dried up down there like the sahara desert! Thanks for making me go poooo a little easier…that was fun (NOT). By the way, no second date!


A couple of my good friends have told me that Cricket has been a little lonely. Boost keeps trying to booty call me. Sprint has been itching to go out on a fabulous friends night…and I might have to check them all out. I am considering it…just sayin’! I ain’t got time for games with you. Too bad, so sad and all those other things. Hey the positive of all this is at least your name isn’t John. I’ve never held you “DEAR” anyway.

Unsincerly~ ​​Carrie Lewis​ 


By the way I did end up sending this note to Virgin Mobile. Truth be told I am a little mad, but I needed to somehow make me laugh over it…the human life has some seriously stupid moments, TRUE STORY!

Okay so my cell phone is working again. Yay me?

So has Virgin Mobile rubbed you the wrong way? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

Whispered Haiku’s

Created by Carrie Lewis via Whisper app (Android)

Created by Carrie Lewis 10/17/2015

I am a geek, and love to mess around with apps on my Android. Sometimes I like to use an app called Whisper which is an image based social site. Of course most posts are either emotarded stuff to top secret pregnancy scares they don’t want to tell their parents/significant other about. You have the trolls as well and meat market buyers and vendors. And then you have the fun stuff of seeing the kid next door post “anonymously” trying to find a cuddle buddy. By the way it’s BULLSHIT…cuddling is ALWAYS the gateway drug kids! Remember that I warned ya’ll…just sayin’! Usually I am just a voyeur, watching secretly like a peeping tom in your bushes outside your bathroom window! The other morning though I got some artsy fartsy bug up my butt and had to haiku out my feelings or I just might explode from the feelings of mushmushness I harbor deep inside my CareBear heart. So here is my poem, written onto a image via the wondrous app called “Whisper”. 🙂 Enjoy the mush my friends while it’s still fresh. ❤

Lonely Sushi


Don’t cry for the lonely sushi
For it rolls alone
All by itself

That moment…

I’ve been so wrapped within your dreams my love…
Exposed to your cold reality is our flames death…
A fragile wild creation of wistful rhyme & lust…


~ Carrie Lewis
3/5/2015 – 3:20 am

Thinking….just thinking. 🙂

Shyla Day covers Taylor Swift “Blank Space” in studio.

I am so proud of my girl Shyla Day. Check out her cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” on YouTube! And pass it on if you think her version kicks ass like I do. By the way not to boast but Shyla played ALL the instruments in this video.


Produced by: Hower Productions
Directed by: Kerry Brent Hower
Musical Engineer: Bryan P. DiFabio
Video Editor: Mugsy Mahonney
Cajon, Rythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals, Harmonies, Acoustic Bass by Shyla Day

Want more information on Shyla…here ya go:


Virgo in Love

ImageSometimes I get a little dorky and look up horoscope stuff. I downloaded an app today just cause I was really bored and what not. So here is what I read about Virgo….yeah it kinda explains me in a way…thought it was kinda funny. 🙂


When your Venus is in Virgo You express love by doing things for, and fussing over, your loved one. You notice little things about your partner, make mental notes of their likes and dislikes (this may sound contrived, but it’s not—it’s simply the way you’re wired!), and genuinely try to help your lover in practical ways. You listen to what your lover has to say, and you have something sensible and intelligent to say in response! In fact, you are great at communicating about your relationship. One dilemma that can easily happen with this position: Your partner doesn’t always know how to please you. You might have a simple answer, but he/she may still wonder. You see all of the details of your relationship. You worry about its viability, and tend to the practical details of partnership. These are important contributions to the relationship, but because they lack glamour, your partner may not always appreciate you. You are not the most romantic partner, and your tastes are rather simple (although, as mentioned before, it is hard for others to see that simplicity because you may have a habit of fussing). Can’t see the forest for the trees? Your partner might accuse you of this, and it may be true. You will benefit from sitting back and infusing yourself with some faith in the big picture, once in a while. But, you are needed! And there are partners who will see that. You work hard at making yourself indispensable in your partner’s life. Generally, you don’t throw yourself into love affairs too readily. This does not mean you are chaste, like the Virgo of yore. Some Venus in Virgo natives can even be promiscuous. But when it comes to gooey romance, where lovers bare all, you are rather selective and self-contained. You are a very sensual being who wants to feel safe before giving yourselfto another. Venus in Virgo has a reputation for being critical. This does happen, but it generally is a symptom of insecurity. You can’t help but see the failings and the holes in any partnership, and you can sometimes be quite reticent about entering a partnership. Generally, though, you will see what’s wrong with a person at the outset ofa relationship when it doesn’t feel safe to you as yet. It’s a defense mechanism more than anything! Your own insecurities can propel you to see faults and problems in your partner. Once you feel safe, however, you are not quite the fussbudget Venus in Virgo is made out to be. You value effort put into a relationship (in fact, for many with this position, effort from their partner is at the top of their list).

Taken from an app off my phone. You can check it out here and the tattoo art came from here.

A Little Death


I’m on the edge of confessing
On bloodied knees
Jaw held tight
Mouth muted and full of sin
Yet my hunger does not grow thin
Tongue straining for another taste of the divine
Satiate the beast within…writhing inside
Quivering thighs and a deep thrumming need
Oh my savior let me devour your sullied vows
Finally give voice to this godless lust
Tingling flesh held between needy teeth
A little death…

Three Simple Rules in Life…

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that we need to be reminded of. And this I needed to read. 🙂

Call from 864-641-3279? SCAM!!!!!

So today I got a voice mail from this phone number 864-641-3279. I googled it and found information. Look here. They are scaring people out of their money. It’s a sick sad world. Here is the voicemail they had left me.