Ahhh Mona Lisa!

Okay I’m a food addict. I get into one type of food and eat the hell out of it till I’m just DONE! There is this place by my house called Mona Lisa. They make REAL pizza, not like that nasty stuff from chain pizza places like Pizza Hut & Dominos. Seriously good thin crust greasy pizza. The place is wonderful. I walk in and since I’ve been coming here forever they see me roll up and are pouring my diet crack (Pepsi) and telling the kitchen I want a torpedo no tomatoes. (Okay maybe I’m not THAT cool haha) Yes they still ask…but they KNOW what I like. Sometimes I throw a curve ball and add a personal pizza with it (it’s a Tuesday deal).

How can you not like a place with classic table mats like the one in the picture?

So yes I’m promoting this place cause:

1. I’ve been coming here since I was a baby.
2. The food kicks ass!

Ahhh the sammich (yes I spell sandwich like that…don’t hate).


Yes I started the sammich devistation! YUMMMMMY! *le burp* hehe opps scuuuuuza me 😉 Check them out online www.monalisaitalianfoods.com

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