Watercolor by artist Anna L Lewis “Another Daisy Kind of Day”

Watercolor by artist Anna L Lewis “Another Daisy Kind of Day”

My Mom aka Anna Lewis is a very talented woman. I adore her. Now I am sure as you look at the painting of daisies on this blog post you might be thinking “Whats so talented about this?”…let me tell you something…she paints with less then 20% vision, she is VERY blind and can only see shapes and no color. She lost her sight because of being diabetic…she woke up one morning and was blind. Everything blurry. It was a scary experience for me and her. Since then she has been going to blind school and learning how to live her life as a person with blindness.

Another thing to note, she didn’t paint when she could see. So to me it’s amazing that she has come up with this talent…seemingly out of the blue! To me a lot of her paintings have a childlike innocence to them, while others are just beautiful! She truly amazes & inspires me!

If you click on the picture you will be able to see a lot more. Or check out the rest of her gallery. If you wish to buy a print she also has some available on her RedBubble.com site.

2 thoughts on “Watercolor by artist Anna L Lewis “Another Daisy Kind of Day”

  1. Her paintings are quite meaningful and very emotional to look at, given the backstory–which is very, very important to the art works. Each one is a triumph over circumstance and a preservation of what is lost.

    • Hey Dom! Yes I agree about the paintings being emotional to look at. Thank you for recognizing that. 🙂 You know I think my mom paints probably if averaged out like 2 a day. She’s a artsyfartsy type now. LOL

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