Dear Carrie…at 14!

Another Daily Prompt post “Letter to 14 Year Old Self”.:

Dear Carrie,

Right now at 14 you are thinking “Life can’t get harder!” but let me tell you the bad first. Life is going to kick your ever-loving-care-bear hugging butt! The good…you are going to survive it. There will be lots of fun things and a lot of bad things that happen. Unfortunately you let it all get to you, and I wish you hadn’t been so damned emotional and soft. But that is just who you are…not a total push over but a person who has undying hope for the world, a bloody romantic with a very breakable heart. In a few years you will lose touch with a dear friend, and then meet someone who will forever be a part of your life. You will love him and hate him equally with passion. Learn from your experiences with him…he will drag your heart over burning coals and then lift you to the highest mountain peaks for many years. Your friends will stab you in the back and will be there for you as well. There is always going to be bad with the good. And if I know myself then I know you are not going to listen to me, and that is fine. You need to skin your knees little girl, and conquer things in your own given time. Just try to remember that no matter what…you are Carrie, and you will survive!

P.S. – You are not going to marry Jonathan Knight of New Kids On The Block! Just sayin…..

That is what I would have written to myself…if I had the chance. When I think about it though, would I want to tell myself anything from the future? I’m grateful for the life experiences and the good/bad decisions I have made in my life. They have made me more then I ever could have been. Okay maybe I would tell myself not to buy so much New Kids On The Block crap when I was 14….I could have used that money for cooler stuff! Like ummmmm hell I don’t know.

At least later on I got saved by my friends and got into other music. HAHAHHA Ahhhhh the memories!

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