I heart Defiance

I’ve been watching this new TV show called Defiance, and it’s really actually pretty freaking good. I am not usually into alien TV shows but this one has captivated me for now. I hope they don’t cancel it now that I wrote something about it….hey it’s happened in the past. LoL

2 thoughts on “I heart Defiance

  1. I have tried, but haven’t gotten into it yet. I’m a total nerd when it comes to Sci Fi (Just got back from watching the new Star Trek movie!) but this one has left me wanting so far. However, since you’ve said that you have enjoyed it, then I’ll give it another try… It comes on right before Warehouse 13, which I absolutely adore, so I’ll just turn on the TV earlier!

    Then I’ll let you know if you’ve converted me! 🙂

    • Yeah I’ve been catching up on old episodes via Hulu so I know what is going on. 🙂 It usually takes me 3 to 5 episodes to know if I can REALLY get into a TV show. I usually don’t watch a lot of TV to be honest so it’s hard to keep me entertained when it comes to TV shows.

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