Whispered Haiku’s

Created by Carrie Lewis via Whisper app (Android)

Created by Carrie Lewis 10/17/2015

I am a geek, and love to mess around with apps on my Android. Sometimes I like to use an app called Whisper which is an image based social site. Of course most posts are either emotarded stuff to top secret pregnancy scares they don’t want to tell their parents/significant other about. You have the trolls as well and meat market buyers and vendors. And then you have the fun stuff of seeing the kid next door post “anonymously” trying to find a cuddle buddy. By the way it’s BULLSHIT…cuddling is ALWAYS the gateway drug kids! Remember that I warned ya’ll…just sayin’! Usually I am just a voyeur, watching secretly like a peeping tom in your bushes outside your bathroom window! The other morning though I got some artsy fartsy bug up my butt and had to haiku out my feelings or I just might explode from the feelings of mushmushness I harbor deep inside my CareBear heart. So here is my poem, written onto a image via the wondrous app called “Whisper”. 🙂 Enjoy the mush my friends while it’s still fresh. ❤

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