Thanks for the memories Virgin Mobile!

Had a rad day today, decided to leave a lil note for my ex cell service provider.  Bubye Virgin…it’s been uhhhhhh “interesting” to say the least. I thought I might post it online for people, maybe someone will laugh and that would be the icing on my cake. 😛

Read on people….

mobile-sorry-if-bad-grammar_o_937722Hello there, I just got off the phone with Virgin Mobile’s billing department. When I tried to use my phone just a moment ago I couldn’t. So like every other customer I did the normal thing and ran down to 711 to buy a damn Top Up Card hours before service is cut off. Yay for last minute shitty decisions..right? Last night I was so excited during my “ritual of pay the mofo’n gawddamn cell phone bill” ceremony. In case you didn’t know it’s a great old family secret gypsy ritual. My batshit crazy grandmother taught me it, good stuff! So yes I topped up last night via Top Up Card. When I got home I remember going through the process online to pay my bill just after upgrading my plan. The website REALLY never said that I was going to be charged a stinkin’ $10 upgrade fee! You guys seriously might wanna look into that? Soon after I received a a confirmation that my phone service would be back on. And yes I was a happy girl; smiling as I hugged my pillow tightly before sleep time, sending love to my peeps at Virgin Mobile. YAY!

Ooooh I forgot this may be a tiny little tidbit factoid that you may find more interesting? I already had a few extra dollars on my account from a previous move to the Data Done Right type of plan from the old one. Why do I have to go add even MORE money when I was never notified of the charge initially? Seriously someone needs to check it out. If you look at my purchase history you will see I topped up at 6:43pm for $40 and then at 6:44pm the upgrade fee was added to my account. Here are links to the PDF’s I saved from he websites purchase history section. Yes you know I can be a little anal sometimes…believe me I do know ho mlw you like it ;-P

Virgin Mobile Top Up & Upgrade Fee PDF files. (Just cause I am bad ass like that!)

This is really upsetting that a company I had been screaming about on the rooftops could do this to me? I’ve never ever had an issue with you guys, I thought we had something pretty good or at least hot going on? Am I alone with this feeling? I’m feeling so cold suddenly! I feel like you guys are not being upfront with me somehow. REALLY? Being charged to upgrade? Didn’t we have a secret safety word when it got too rough/good between us? HAH! I remember it now…it was “FREE WILLY!” ;-P

virginmobile-memeLike I told you I seriously I have never had this problem before with upgrading/downgrading my cell plan with you? I just don’t feel comfy anymore when hanging around you. What is up with these sudden fee’s/rules popping up? Wow, REALLY? Ya’ll waited a whole freakin’ minute to straight money grub my ass! You gave it to me hard up the arse with no lube last night. So not cool guys (girls) not cool! Next time think about getting yourself a lil “extra slick/strawberry” lube. From my experience it can be really yummy! So hey Virgin I got a small “tip” for ya! You are a terrible liar and I should’ve known you would hurt me sooner than later and would never be able to keep your word! I guess all the years using your service…had made me blind and dumb. So when you said: “Oh babygirl I’ll just use the tip.” I cringed deep in my soooooul!” Hey, Virgin next time tell the person who is dumb enough to hang with you….that you want to touch their butt with your naughty part! Prewarn?

Seriously, I thought you knew I hate surprises! Especially giving me “just the tip” surprise buttsex…well that part sucked. Then you oh so cutely/manly into my ear that you forgot the to bring ANY lube! The whole experience creeped me the hell badly that I could have almost dried up down there like the sahara desert! Thanks for making me go poooo a little easier…that was fun (NOT). By the way, no second date!


A couple of my good friends have told me that Cricket has been a little lonely. Boost keeps trying to booty call me. Sprint has been itching to go out on a fabulous friends night…and I might have to check them all out. I am considering it…just sayin’! I ain’t got time for games with you. Too bad, so sad and all those other things. Hey the positive of all this is at least your name isn’t John. I’ve never held you “DEAR” anyway.

Unsincerly~ ​​Carrie Lewis​ 


By the way I did end up sending this note to Virgin Mobile. Truth be told I am a little mad, but I needed to somehow make me laugh over it…the human life has some seriously stupid moments, TRUE STORY!

Okay so my cell phone is working again. Yay me?

So has Virgin Mobile rubbed you the wrong way? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

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